Welcome to Taylor Ranch

As a young businessman, I quickly learned the ole’ saying, “location, location, location” is vital to the success of any retailer is so true. For Longhorn Cattle, the key to breeding extraordinary animals is, “pedigree, pedigree, pedigree.” Pedigree produces conformation, horn, color and disposition. Our breeding program is designed to maximize these qualities for our customers. 

It doesn’t matter what we are doing with the cattle; taking photos, hand feeding them, clipping and grooming them for a show or watching a cow give birth to a new calf, our longhorn cattle are a great enjoyment for my family and me.

As exhibitors, we love traveling to other places to show off our herd and experience great camaraderie with other longhorn cattle lovers. Our kids, Jaycee, Jake and Payden are all in when it comes to cattle shows.  Of course, the hotel MUST have a pool!

At Taylor Ranch we want to help and inspire families get started with your herd, add a dose of our pedigree to yours or even buy an awesome show champion.

Allow me to give a special shout out to people who helped and inspired us. Jim Roberts, Crwon J Cattle Company who help me with my first cattle. Kevin and Kayd Kelly, 2 Bar M Longhorns, who got us involved showing longhorn cattle. Bob & Pam Loomis, Loomis Longhorns and Randy Briscoe, Briscoe Longhorns who sold us great cattle from the heart of their programs, and Justin Hanson of Diamondback Ranch with whom I have spent countless hours talking about the great pedigrees of the Texas Longhorn Cattle.

Our Family invites your family to our ranch. Come stay a while, stay the night. We love showing our awesome cattle to our longhorn friends, and to new enthusiasts.

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